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14 06 17

On the side

Oh no, I’ve picked up a side project!

You know I’m real serious about it to, because I made a mostly granular to-do list that I’m actually checking things off of already. The thing is fun to work on and presents new challenges, but also… takes up a lot of my time. It’s hard not to feel bad about spending my time here working on computer stuff. Came all the way here, but then still end up sitting behind my screen for significant portions of my days.

But I also know that I physically can’t spend all that time outdoors. It’d be cool if I could, and I’d be up for it, but overexertion is still a danger apparently. Definitely could still be going out more though, and there’s a big part of the city life I haven’t explored yet either.

Also shouldn’t forget that the people I’m with here are also part of the journey. Doing work together with them isn’t something I can do back at home!
~ Fang

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