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08 06 17

No peeking

I’m getting myself ready for my first overnighter!

Part of that is scoping out the route I’ll be taking. The camp isn’t all that far away, so I don’t have an awful lot of options unless I want to take super long ways around (which my knees probably aren’t to keen on), but it’s still good to get a feel for the land you’ll be walking. I want to keep that feel to a strictly topological one though, I’d like to let the scenery surprise me!

Of course I’ve seen a few pictures of the Marin Headlands, but I haven’t looked up anything relating to my specific destination. I want to go there and see for myself first, so that I can see how well the photos capture the landscape, and not the other way around. Trying to avoid that thing that also happens with books and movies, where the one you read of saw first usually feels like the better version.

Time to rest up, probably going to be an intense day tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 12/06/2017 (3:16 PM)

    That’s a pretty interesting tactic to take. It’s impressive you were able to look destinations up without getting the view spoiled. There are many sights I’d love to see in person. I wonder how they’ll compare to the pictures if I ever get to do it.

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