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20 06 17

Moving images

It really doesn’t take a lot to get me excited.

I’m getting back into game development, even if just a little bit for now. There’s a fun idea for a pseudo-social game I have, and it integrates with the Urbit network! That said, I’ll just be foregoing most of that integration for now. The reverse engineering struggle is very much still real. Instead, I’m gonna be focussing on the game logic. It’s more of a “hook Urbit onto this” than “hook this into Urbit” kind of situation anyway.

There’s a surprising amount of boilerplate I’ll have to work through. Just a huge heap of tiny, fairly standard things, that I’ll be implementing myself. Maybe I should trust libraries more, maybe I should embrace it as part of the process. Lots of tiny tasks means there’s lots of tiny victories along the way. And I already made my first fun ones, I can have a space ship fly across the screen!

Of course there’s no space, nor a ship. Just some clip art. But this will change!
~ Fang

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