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Jimmy John, el Condorito

I stepped on my bike this morning, and it felt as if it had gotten smaller.

Nothing hugely significant, it just felt a bit off. Heavy pedaling was harder, I seemed closer to the ground, but maybe that was because I hadn’t been out of bed long? I continue on my merry way, arrive at my destination, and hike around for a bit. I step on again, same thing. A couple of red lights later, and suddenly I fall directly downward!

It wasn’t far, luckily, but my saddle had ducked out from under me. Slowly but surely, it was sliding further and further down. Hastily, before the light turned green, I readjusted the thing. Fifteen minutes later, I had to do it again. How did it get this loose?

When I bought it, they did a pre-sale checkup and tuning. It’s an easy fix, but I hadn’t expected to need to do it so soon. I’ve become mostly comfortable in Californian traffic. Can’t say the same about Californian traffic on a flexible bike though.

Which reminds me, I’m supposed to bring it in for a checkup now that I’ve ridden it around a bit…
~ Fang

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