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The fuck is this?
26 06 17


Did I ever get mad about maths before? Let me get mad about maths.

My educational background is sorely lacking in the maths department. Something about a teacher recommending against me taking “”advanced”” maths even though the topics that covered were the only ones I was actually good at. Something about a software engineering study without so much as a single maths class. And I feel like it’s left me behind.

Sure, I can logic my way through things and look things up on the internet, but that only gets you so far. Even when just trying to follow examples, everything I touch turns to incorrect results. I don’t have the kind of intuition or even just integration of knowledge to be able to spot errors easily (read: at all), so most things just get me stuck.

It then takes some mathy strongman strolling by to instantly see and show me the error in my ways and lift me out of that quicksand. Not ever do I manage to get out on my own.

Frustrating, to say the least.
~ Fang


  • 29/06/2017 (2:12 PM)

    You took a software engineering course without a maths component? I guess they figured the students would have already had all the maths they needed. I’m sure there are plenty of great resources where you can learn in your own time. I’m just not sure you have the time anymore. My understanding is you basically work a 30 hour day.

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