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Laughable pants.

The fun, it never ends.

Tuesday nights are comedy nights in Amnesia, that nearby bar I wrote about. Mostly local artists of course, but I think that can be great fun! It can tell you a lot about the cultural climate. You know, the jokes people tell, the jokes people actually laugh at. And it was overwhelmingly socio-political?

I mean it’s the States, San Francisco no less, so what did I expect really. More jokes about race issues than I could care to stomach, to be honest. Some of the people on the line-up did these really well. Others, not so much. I’d rather not feel bad about being a white man when I’m out trying to have a laugh, you know?

Overall though, I’d have to say it was really fun. The beer was still good, and nearly two hours of comedy for no cover isn’t something you can get everywhere these days. I really want to go to that place more often, but those drinks still cut into my remaining travel budget.

Oh well, better make sure I enjoy the nights I do go then!
~ Fang

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