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02 06 17

Brain parts

Thank god the P and F aren’t close on the keyboard. Still almost mis-typed though.

Of course the brain isn’t neatly partitioned into different sections, but it is true that different neural pathways trigger based on what kind of activity or thinking you’re doing. And just like muscle groups, you shouldn’t be ignoring any one part of too long a time. Nor should you overwork a single part too much.

It’s important to keep your brain flexible. Even if you don’t actually need a huge amount of variety in the way you think for the tasks you take seriously, it’s still healthy to keep the plasticity around. Light exercise is infinitely better than none, after all.

This probably factors into why I find it so fun to work on widely different projects, and why I get such a kick out of just shooting the shit about design philosophies every now and again. Keeps me from sticking to one single thing too tightly, you know?

I feel like I should get back into gamedev. Other things seem more important, but eh.
~ Fang


  • 02/06/2017 (2:16 PM)

    Gamedev would be good if you have the time for it. I should really exercise my brain more and I know it.

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