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sudo rm -rf /*

As if it doesn’t matter where I go.

Technology connects the world. As long as yo have an internet connection, there exists a space which you can access regardless of your physical location. Almost like a telepathic meeting space for people and their information. It allows you to always have someplace familiar close by, someplace you can go to see friendly faces you know and love, and act as if nothing is all that different from normal. And in that space, it isn’t.

But that’s also where the inherent disconnect lies in the digital world: it remains unchanged regardless of how we feel or are physically. It’s not hard to imagine this leading to a cold and unmoving pixelated landscape. And yet, it seems people succeed at making it fit their situations still. Bits and bytes have become vehicles for empathy and emotion.

For a second, it can seem like you’re really truly there.
~ Fang

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