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Stella the sheep!

Quite the contrast to last time, I had a 10/10 view off Mount Diablo!

  • Never underestimate the climb. Knowing what you’re in for is half the battle.
  • Apply sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen during the climb, you’ll sweat that shit right off your skin. If you’re tanned, don’t get cocky.
  • Pay attention to the trail, even if you’re tired from that damn climb. Before you know it you’ll break an ankle or step in surprise bog. You never know, really. Not until it’s too late.
  • Yes, extra socks are indeed good to bring.

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Supposed to be one of the greatest views in California, here’s hoping the fog’s absent!

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be packing up my stuff and heading back down Mount Diablo after what I can only hope to be a rewarding overnighter. The idea is to arrive early to set up camp and make pancakes, head to bed on time, and then wake at the crack of dawn to climb from camp to the summit to admire the view. If I’m lucky, I might have the peak to myself for a couple minutes!

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And nothing less.

But it’s hard. A struggle, even. I came to do many things. Some of those things I’ve done. Done of those things I’m still gonna do. Some of those things it turns out I can’t realistically accomplish. So I’m already having to settle for less than the original dream, which only fuels the pressure of getting the most out of what I can still do.

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As if it doesn’t matter where I go.

Technology connects the world. As long as yo have an internet connection, there exists a space which you can access regardless of your physical location. Almost like a telepathic meeting space for people and their information. It allows you to always have someplace familiar close by, someplace you can go to see friendly faces you know and love, and act as if nothing is all that different from normal. And in that space, it isn’t.

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Did I ever get mad about maths before? Let me get mad about maths.

My educational background is sorely lacking in the maths department. Something about a teacher recommending against me taking “”advanced”” maths even though the topics that covered were the only ones I was actually good at. Something about a software engineering study without so much as a single maths class. And I feel like it’s left me behind.

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