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I imagine there’s a realm that items go to when they’ve gotten irrecoverably lost.

We’ve all lost things before. Tiny trinkets we dropped down the sink, toys we forgot while playing outside, keys that vanished through a hole in our pockets that only existed for a second. It sucks when that happens, when we know there’s practically zero change we’ll ever find that thing again.

But much like how all dogs go to heaven, maybe there’s a special place for such items too. A magically supplied lost and found, perhaps. Its owner has long since forgotten what it feels like to be surprised by a new arrival, but a whole culture of absurdity has formed in the nearby villages. People making trips to the lost wares house on special occasions, seeking out items that set them apart from their peers through sheer novelty.

When they inevitably get lost and forgotten for the second time, they pass on peacefully into nothingness. Their journey finally over. In their place, many more will spring into existence, to begin travels of their own.

…I may or may not have misplaced my passport. Anyone got the number for that lost and found?
~ Fang


  • 11/05/2017 (1:38 PM)

    I don’t know where this lost and found is but I’m pretty sure our passports have become best friends there.

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