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16 05 17

Tricked in trade

At the risk of maybe being a wee bit sketchy, there are now two tents being shipped to me.

If I were a smarter man I would’ve started travel preparations way before ever booking a flight ticket and setting a date in stone. After all, it was fairly obvious I was hell-bent enough on actually doing this trip to go through with it regardless of circumstances, so I shouldn’t have feared buying gear for nothing. Alas, here we are, less than a week to go(!) before my flight departs, and the only thing I’m missing is the most important part of my kit: shelter.

I’ve got my eyes set on this cute little tent. Weight slightly over a kilogram, I can easily sit upright in it, and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Problem is: it also comes in ugly light-grey, as seen in the picture. I think we can all agree the dark green variant is infinitely more pleasing to the eye. Wouldn’t want to be caught dead-mauled-by-a-bear in that shiny bright not-quite-white piece of trash.

“Just buy the pretty one then!” Well yeah, except they’re either out of stock or just plain unavailable everywhere I look. …Except German Amazon. So I ordered there, but it’s seeing delays, and it may not make its way to me in time for my departure. The only other place I can find it is capable of delivering on time, but also charges many Euros more.

Troubling. But they both have lenient return policies, and I’m ordering exactly the same product from both, so hmm…
~ Fang

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