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That expression translates so poorly into English, it sounds ridiculous.

And as far as expressions go, this one’s pretty average honestly. It’s just logic worded to sound wise. Makes people go “huh yeah I guess that’s correct”. And it is, because those who keep things really do possess whatever they’re retaining. That can be really useful, especially if those things have been piling up for a while. You take a good look and realize you have a whole bunch of stuff at your disposal.

I’m starting to get ready for my trip to the US. Looking at flights and gathering gear. There’s surprisingly affordable options available to me, but even with those there’s still a lot of money that needs to be spent. Luckily, I haven’t been making any big purchases in quite some time. With the internship, and short-lived full-time gig at the same company, I’ve actually managed to build up a fair buffer.

So I saved, and now I possess. Still need to keep a bunch in reserve for living costs while I’m abroad, but it feels good to not have to worry about doing everything on a shoestring budget. Just that little bit of flexibility makes the whole situation that much more comfortable.

That said, I think there’s still medical bills for me to pay?
~ Fang


  • 08/05/2017 (5:35 PM)

    Just don’t get hurt here! I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but our healthcare system is pretty awful. I don’t actually have healthcare. I just pray every day that I don’t die. I mean, so far it’s working, so it can’t ALL be wrong.

    And we’re still hoping your trip includes a swing through Colorado, so long as we can find a solution that doesn’t bankrupt me or anger other B’s baby/wife.

  • 05/05/2017 (12:46 PM)

    Right now I’m proving to be very shit at saving. So even though we have the same goal (a trip to the US), I guess you’ll get there way before me. Good luck, and have a great journey.

    • 05/05/2017 (11:05 PM)

      I certainly will, thank you! I may have lucky circumstances on my side, but perhaps a longer journey towards your goal makes it more satisfying to achieve!

  • 05/05/2017 (3:29 AM)

    Oh wow. That’s exciting. I trust that you are a nice shade of white. It’s a weird time to travel to America while brown.

    • 05/05/2017 (9:58 AM)

      I’m not Aryan, so could be better still. Just hope borden security doesn’t forget the lube.

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