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The Plan

If I don’t get these irons out of the fire all done and ready for smithing before the 23rd, that’d be very sad.

Long story short, I booked my flight to the states! It’s been a long time coming, but a long wait it will be no more. On the 23rd I will fly out… to Iceland! Then after waiting four hours I’ll be on my merry way to California, because I’m not about to invest in winter-season gear just yet. Three-season gear, however, is quickly filling up my shopping list. There’s a lot I still have to buy before heading out.

That said, I have the luxury of a lengthy stay. The States being the shining beacon of a first-world country they are, finding whatever gear I may accidentally end up forgetting will be an easy task. Hell, it might even be easier than doing it over here in the Netherlands!

So yeah, this is it. Less than two weeks to go for me to get myself and everything prepped and ready to go. At least this puts some fire under my ass to actually go and make those preparations. Now we just have to hope I don’t run into any unexpected delays!

Just realized I also need to prep like a thousand blog posts for the days I’m not at my laptop in the evening. Ho boy.
~ Fang


  • 15/05/2017 (5:49 PM)

    Hmmm, I don’t know about a first world country. Maybe a 1.5? Make sure you buy plenty of guns when you’re here. They practically hand them out here for free. To children, too. Don’t even need an ID. Everyone has a gun in America.


    Kidding, kidding. If things clear up next month and you make it this way, you can just shoot ours.

    • 16/05/2017 (1:33 AM)

      Holy shit, you actually own guns too. Can’t believe I’ll be interacting with actual Real Life Americans!

  • 12/05/2017 (1:44 AM)

    That’s great. I hope you have a great time in America.

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