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02 05 17

Squeezing in

Not so much in the sense of adding things, but compressing it down into tinier space.

It’s the reason I’m up past my intended bedtime right now. It’s the reason I didn’t end my day with my usual wrapping-up routine of light study and gaming. I did all I wanted to for today, and that’s good. I just waited a bit long to actually do so, and that’s bad. For some reason though, I have trouble getting into a good flow until later on in the day.

Something tells me it may have to do with the more active Urbit chat, as weird as that seems. Sure, it’s a distraction, but for some reason I’m also most productive when I can see people yapping away. The activity gives off a subtle alive vibe, which helps kick me into gear.

Maybe it’s just a discipline thing though. I shouldn’t be leaning on my shitty night-owl side to get things done.
~ Fang

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