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19 05 17


Maybe my imagination is too big. Maybe few words can paint big pictures.

Twitter’s a weird platform. Microblogging’s a weird thing. But, cool things emerge from it. It seems like that’s just what happens when you impose limitations: people get creative. There’s accounts on Twitter dedicated to writing short, very short stories. A good example is @MicroSFF, who writes science fiction and fantasy stories in 140 characters or less.

What I like about these is how they set up a world. Not through exposition, but through implication. We learn there’s more, but our imagination is left to fill in the rest. @ctrlcreep takes a slightly different stab at this, often tapping into our real world, but layering seemingly occult or downright absurdist ideas on top.

Not to discredit the authors, they do a wonderful job, but the reader’s imagination may very well play a big role in microfiction. After all, if you’ve got limited characters to work with, you got to expand your story elsewhere.

We can only imagine what the ancient greats would’ve tweeted.
~ Fang


  • 22/05/2017 (2:21 PM)

    Microfiction has been around for years, but it does always rely on the imagination of the reader. Whenever something like this comes up I refer people to the earliest example “Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.” It’s up to the reader to decide if it’s a tragedy because the baby died before they had a chance to wear the shoes, or if it’s something mundane like the parents bought the wrong size/style of shoes. Perhaps they bought pink shoes and then had a boy. The key to writing less words is to inspire the imagination and let them fill in the blanks.

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