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25 05 17

Made it!

2017-05-24 04:15 PM Californian time, San Francisco.

That means it’s over an hour past midnight back at home. I may or may not feel the jet lag starting to hit me. Even though normally I’d still be awake by now, go figure how much of an impact a long flight has on its own. As not-great as it was though, it did successfully get me all the way here! Met up with a colleague, and visited the office today. Good times!

I’m kind of surprised by how janky the parts of San Francisco are that I’ve seen so far. It’s not at all like the bustling tech city I imagined. It’s bustling alright, but not shiny and new. There’s some sense in that, we’re not in the rich part of town after all. Not to mention, I haven’t really explored all that much yet.

For now, I’m just happy to have already settled down a bit and met the crew. I’ll probably just chill for a bit, walk around town, and see if I can find some good hiking trails nearby.

Bay Area life, let’s go!
~ Fang


  • 27/05/2017 (3:04 AM)

    I’m sure that by the time you reach Silicon Valley you’ll be in the fancy high-tech parts of town where the roads move themselves or something. They have motorised sidewalks there. Lazy bastards. Have fun!

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