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The fuck is this?

I’m going on the record as the guy who lost a record.

So it’s official, my dumb ass has misplaced my passport somehow. I seriously have no idea how this happened. One moment you’re coming back from your trip to Peru knowing full-well you needed that passport to get in and out of countries. Then two years later you’re suddenly not sure where you put the thing and all logical places you can think of have turned up nothing. I’d swear someone’s playing tricks on me, I’m just not sure if I’m that person.

Sure, I’m bummed that I have to pay sixty-five Euros for a new one and go through the hassle, but that’s not even the biggest of deals. What I amsuper sad about though, is that I lost my first (and so far only) international travel stamp. Looked at the thing only once, maybe twice. Not being able to see it anymore is bad enough, but this also means I can no longer have a complete collection of my adventures on a physical record anymore.

But hey, I went to Germany, Italy and Sweden without getting any stamps (hurrah for EU-wide acceptance of identity cards), so maybe such a collection would’ve been incomplete in the first place. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to pull focus away from records and push it onto memories instead.

There’s a joke about governments and dementia in here somewhere.
~ Fang

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