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24 05 17

Long day

2017-05-23 03:30 PM Icelandic time, Keflavik Airport.

When you’re flying and heading westward, time itself seems to stop flying. I left Schiphol Airport three hours ago, and already have one of my four hours of layover behind me. After I take off, it’ll be a measly two hours before I land at San Francisco National Airport. Of course, all of that’s only true if you’re not afraid of shifting perspectives when looking at the time.

Actually, even then none of that is really true at all, but I’m already getting tired from just this one tiny leg of my journey. The best course of action is to start sticking to the local sleep schedule as soon as I arrive, even if that means I have to make a >20 hour day. It’s tough, but it is what it is.

As for the airport I’m spending my layover in, it seems nice. Still haven’t walked around too much, but probably should. I made the mistake of sitting down near a restaurant without any intention to buy food. It smells really good though, it’s difficult not letting myself get tempted by local commercial cuisine.

Nine hour flight, here I come!
~ Fang

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