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31 05 17

It works

It doesn’t have to be much if you can get it to be functional.

Of course a little luxury never killed anyone, but neither did a lack of it. Sometimes it’s more convenient or just plain cheaper to make do with less bells and whistles, and sometimes it’s the only real option you have. Apparently the housing market in San Francisco is shit enough for a $500/month closet to be considered a steal, so if that’s what I’m huddling up in, then so be it!

I only half-joke. This place is big enough to fit two people and a couch (though that doesn’t leave much walking room), but lacks a shower and kitchen. That sounds kinda terrible, and it would be, except that our office comes with those things. It’s not accessible at all times of the day, of course, but we can make it work.

This is that student-life-like exercise is working with minimums that I never got before.
~ Fang

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