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2017-05-25 03:30 PM Californian time, San Francisco.

Just the city of San Francisco alone seems to have more height difference than all of the Netherlands combined. Seriously, this place seems to be built on mountains! I’m sure the locals would just refer to them as tall hills, but they’re quite something compared to the five meter tall hills my country has.

This makes getting around the city take quite a bit more effort than I’m used to. That’s good though, my legs need this in preparation for hikes in the mountains… which I guess isn’t all that different from walking across the city here. Climbed up the Twin Peaks today, after climbing up two City Street Peaks on my way there. Well worth the view, even though it was still cloudy! Could easily see across the bay. Really highlights how big this place is.

Have a fogged-up picture.
~ Fang


  • 27/05/2017 (2:54 AM)

    That’s pretty rad man. Glad you’re having a great time. A view over the bay sounds like it would be awesome on a clear day. At least it’s still pretty cool even without that.

  • 26/05/2017 (8:21 PM)

    I’ve never been out there. The world doesn’t get any flatter than my hometown of Houston. I’d love to get out there and see SF someday.

    • 26/05/2017 (9:20 PM)

      Now’s the time! Come over, we can get beers or something! (;

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