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17 05 17


Out of all the things that are currently happening, Urbit is most certainly one of them.

Today, Urbit’s first private sale happened. Everyone on the mailing list received invites they could buy stars (blocks of network address space) with. And honestly, it made quite the splash! Within half an hour, a third of the available stars had sold already. Now, just over three hours later, just over 20% is left! That’s hella fast, and if it continuous like this, will match the previous sale in speed.

In online communities, it was a fifty-fifty mix of people asking for and sharing invites, and people calling the project a scam. All arguments I’ve seen in quick passing are fairly common complaints and don’t hold much water once you dig a tad deeper into Urbit’s workings and reasoning. But hey, I may be biased.

As for our community, it was briefly flooded with people asking questions about the sale and being curious about the project. And once again, our servers heaved under the load they brought. Still better than their being no heavy load at all!

Exciting times, I just hope there’s some stars left for the Europeans to enjoy once they wake up.
~ Fang

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