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01 05 17

Bloated survivor

Fifty points to anyone who gets that fairly obscure video game reference.

I was going to say it’s a strange trend to be seeing, but it makes a very fair amount of sense actually. More and more we see the same products released, except with new features tacked on. If you’re lucky these actually solve a problem with more than just a bandaid solution. Unlucky cases see features added because of problems management thinks exist and need addressing. Either case, you end up with a product that has been upgraded in the quantitive sense, rarely in the qualitative one.

It’s why operating systems for both desktop and OS usually take up so much space. They come loaded with all kinds of cruft they’ve acquired over the years. Occasionally, the fat has been trimmed a bit, but rarely anything bigger than a small neat UI feature will be cut. It’s just stacks upon stacks of “new and innovative” functionality, resting on a foundation that was terrible enough to actually be improved by the extra weight that got put on its shaky pillars.

But of course none of the big names are going to start over and do it right from the ground up. That shit’s expensive. Not to mention risky, look at all those tiny companies that failed doing something innovative! Hell, I was taught not to pull those kinds of moves in school. Yes we were allowed to spend time on refactoring, but even that at the expense of time we could put towards the grade, the project, the business value.

In a world of giants unmoving, “we’re gonna do this whole thing different” might be the sharpest sword.
~ Fang


  • 04/05/2017 (12:07 PM)

    It’s incredible how much people demand a change but then realise that no, they wanted what they were comfortable with after all. It’s also incredible how much bloatware is installed on everything. I’ve been tempted to try and remove some, but I’m always worried I’ll delete something I need or break something. So I just leave it be, and kiss goodbye to my hard drive space.

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