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Something strange is happening.

People are growing up to see the science-fiction they saw as a child become reality. This used to be just old people, because technology took its sweet time catching up with the futures we envisioned. But nowadays, it’s happening much more rapidly. The things I saw depicted as “science-fiction magic” in my cartoons have snuck their way into the real world. And it’s actually not magic at all!

Sure, this doesn’t go for every crazy thing that’s been written into fictional universes, but it does hold true for a fair chunk of the things we “wow”ed at. Hell, we can actually hold video conversations using watches these days. And yet, nobody seems to care much. It’s not special, it’s not magic, it’s just where we happen to be at right now.

After reading this post, take a moment and think about how technology is integrated into your life. The things you do with it, the way it supports the world. Look real closely at that picture, and tell me if you see anything that vaguely hints at futuristic science-fiction.

Dystopian sci-fi counts for half points by the way, since it doubts The Good and slows down progress.
~ Fang


  • 08/05/2017 (5:32 PM)

    I love seeing all of this great new technology, but the one I’m still waiting for that I keep seeing in TV/movies is where they have a huge holographic image projected in a room and they move everything with their hands to access files. I don’t know why it’s important to move everything so dramatically, but they make it look fun.

  • 08/05/2017 (12:48 AM)

    Music and books seem like science ficiton to me now. When I was in college, I still carried cassettes around to my car to listen to the music I liked. Even 10 years ago, I was carrying around CDs.

    I have an entire room in my house that is just books and CDs. The idea that they’re just dead weight now feels a lot like science fiction.

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