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13 05 17


It wants to ensure its continued existence, so it just keeps growing.

Humans keep coming up with cool new things, and I keep discovering both old and new cool things. And while it’s nice there’s so many cools things to experience, there’s also clearly not enough time to do so. So you have to carefully curate all things available to you. It seems like a good idea to spend your time experiencing high-quality things rather than low-quality ones, right?

But that’s kind of difficult. Experiences are subjective. If someone recommends something to me, I’ll put it on my backlog. But maybe their tastes don’t at all align with mine? I’ll have to experience the thing they recommended to find out. But before I find the time to, they recommend more, and other people do the same, and the backlog just keeps growing and growing into a more and more intimidating pile of potentially cool experiences.

Something about choice paralysis. Something about just needing to sit down for things. Something about buying more digital storage.
~ Fang

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