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18 05 17

Already moving

It’s like I’m already there!

We’re too close to my departure for any package I order to make it to my house in the Netherlands on time. And yet, I’m still missing a few tiny things. Luckily, these tiny things are easier to come by in the States than they are over here, and so I have no trouble ordering them from America, to America. I’m sending packages to my address there, it’s like I’m already partially arriving!

What’s more, I’ll probably be there to accept the thing myself. That’s so soon, that’s crazy! Still super excited I’m actually doing this. So many people to meet, so many places to see, so many things to do. Can’t wait to stroll the streets of San Francisco and go “oh hey this is that street from that movie scene” a couple times.

Speaking of streets, it will never not be weird to me that some of their streets are just numbers. 12th St, 17th St, did they run out of names or something? And the address numbers are frequently up in the quadruple digits. That’s huge! Never seen a place over here go over three digits.

The culture shock is already happening?
~ Fang


  • 19/05/2017 (1:46 PM)

    You’re in trouble if you’re already going through culture shock. The street number thing is just because they are lazy and stupid. Rather than give streets actual names they just put them in numerical order. I suppose it does keep things organised and stops you from getting lost, but it’s also not very imaginative.

    • 20/05/2017 (12:45 AM)

      On the other and of the spectrum, we have street names over here like “Prinshendrikfredriklaan”, which seems like it got out of hand…

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