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15 05 17

Almost ready

Not entirely there yet, but oh so very close!

I got some things in the mail today and I’ll get some more things in the mail tomorrow. Picked up my new passport and finalized all paperwork. For a government with a not-so-great digital rep, the ESTA application process was pretty smooth and nearly instantaneous. Yes, my application has been approved! All that’s left is a border control officer giving his blessing, and I’m cleared for entry.

There’s still a couple more irons in the fire. Some software biz I really want to get done before next week, but I might die trying. Also, camera modding! Granted, I’m making it sound more fancy than it is, but I’m looking to install unofficial software on a Canon point-and-shoot of mine. This way I’ll be able to shoot photos in RAW and do timelapses. Maybe I’ll be able to capture some of the magic of my adventures to share with you guys.

Still shelterless though. The tent needs to ship soon or it won’t make it in time!
~ Fang


  • 18/05/2017 (2:16 PM)

    Isn’t a tent like the first thing you should get? Well you’re pretty smart and you know your tech so I’m sure you’ll be able to mod your camera and make it more awesome. Either way I’m sure you’ll take a lot of pictures and share your adventures. I’m looking forward to it.

    • 18/05/2017 (7:31 PM)

      Well, I know the tent’s dimensions, so I could match my other gear to that. But it’s pretty fundamental, so getting it this close to my deadline isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

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