Fang Talks

31 05 17

It works

It doesn’t have to be much if you can get it to be functional.

Of course a little luxury never killed anyone, but neither did a lack of it. Sometimes it’s more convenient or just plain cheaper to make do with less bells and whistles, and sometimes it’s the only real option you have. Apparently the housing market in San Francisco is shit enough for a $500/month closet to be considered a steal, so if that’s what I’m huddling up in, then so be it!

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Nah, not the video game.

Atop the peak I stood. Exhausted, exhilarated. A strong gust pushed my back and for a split second I regretted assuming a victory pose. My legs were quick enough to react, luckily, and I kept myself from tumbling into the foggy abyss below. My journey up had been quite lengthy the adventure. The good first two thirds may have been spent attempting to find the trailhead, but that didn’t mean it was any less intensive. The way down was going to be even more fun, now that the cold winds were getting to me.

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29 05 17


I just want to go places at a moments notice, you know?

This trip wasn’t extensively planned beforehand. I figured I’d just fly out and then see what I was going to do when I got here. And that’s what I’m doing! That becomes a problem though, when you need reservations. It seems a lot of parks and areas around here require a permit for camping or even entering, and apparently most places get rather crowded around this time of the year.

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Golden Gate Park was interesting.

After un-losing the keys we needed to get to my hiking gear, I decided it’d be a good idea to try and see how far my reach is. These knees aren’t too happy with the constant downhills, so I’m trying to move further incrementally, keep myself from being surprised by the fragility of my own body. A roundtrip to Golden Gate Park seemed like a good idea. The thing’s even bigger than it sounds. A five-kilometer long strip of beautiful nature!

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They’re unfair terms if you don’t at least make an attempt at informing your users what they’re all about.

If a couple of your pages say “cancel within 24 hours and get a full refund”, then that’s what your users are expecting. It’s nice and simple, a clear-cut deal. But then later it turns out there’s a bunch of fine print, stating conditions your payment has to adhere to in order to be eligible for such a refund. You tell your users this, but of course, “what the fuck, I didn’t know that”.

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