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The heart is the strongest muscle.

Archeology is always useful. Necromancy, too.

There’s a lot of value in looking at the past. Not only are there mistakes to be learnt from, but some of the wisdom that was applied may be useful in the present too. And you’ll be surprised (or not!) to find just how many ideas have been done and tried before. Even for something as recent as the internet, lots of things link back to the past.

Urbit, in trying to Make The Internet Decentralized Again, is taking some cues from usenet. Back in the day, peer-to-peer was the hot new thing. In fact, it was the thing. Communication protocols for systems were designed with that fact in mind, meaning that time period has a treasure trove of knowledge on the subject. Some parts of that trove have withstood the test of time, and still see some use even today!

So I guess I’m diving into tech from “before my time”. Makes me feel young.
~ Fang

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