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29 04 17

Tourists’ city

When over fifty percent of the city population is foreign visitors, whose city is it anyway?

There’s something weird about running into more people who don’t speak Dutch at all than who actually do. But Amsterdam being what it is, maybe that’s to be expected. “The big city” and all that. It makes it have that foreign country vibe for me though.

But maybe that’s just what big touristy cities are like? The sum of whatever people it can collect for the day, all helping shape the city’s feel for the day.

I think most big cities have also largely converged to the same practices that are the most efficient in bringing in that tourist dough, because that’s basically what all their shops thrive off of. There wouldn’t be as many if they couldn’t somehow generate the demand.

The effects of tourism are weird.
~ Fang


  • 30/04/2017 (6:00 AM)

    It brings in money for the city. Houston is a huge city and there’s not a lot here for tourists. Our mayor and city council are always trying to change that.

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