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And a good one it’ll be.

The long awaited fourth month of the twenty-seventeenth year is finally upon us. And it brings us wonderful new episodes of our most favorite series. Yesterday, on the first on April, Rick and Morty saw a season starter and cliffhanger killer that was definitely no joke. Today, after months of delays and reschedules, Attack on Titan begins its long awaited second season of animation. Its accompanied by My Hero Academia, which I’ve also been looking forward to.

There’s so many great shows being made, and lots of it is animation. There’s lots of amazing cartoons that deliver to a very wide audience, and there’s many more to come. Is this a second golden age we’re experiencing, or am I only just now discovering what’s actually available?

Regardless, I’m happy cool things continue to be aired.
~ Fang


  • 03/04/2017 (12:55 AM)

    I hated television as a younger person. I don’t know whether television just caught up with me or whether we’ve entered a golden age where some series far surpass anything showing in the movie theaters.

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