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10 04 17

Space munchers

Space Munchers™, in theaters soon!

Every now and then I take a peek at how much space there’s left on my laptop’s drive. And every now and then I’m shocked to see it falling into single digits of gigabytes left. This surprises me because most things I download I consume, and then delete again. And anything I do keep around usually isn’t big enough in size to push me to my hoarding limits as quickly as this happens.

Unfortunately, all kinds of applications keep all kinds of data around. Chrome’s pretty aggressive at caching, and I’m sure many other network-connected applications are as well. A reboot usually helps clear up a lot of this space, but it might get filled up again swiftly.

There’s also some software I run that keeps extensive logs, and some that require those to function properly. Urbit is practically an append-only log that derives its state from everything that has transpired, so it has to keep all that around. Not that big a deal normally, but I have a bunch of test instances that are just eating up space. Easy gains!

Even if I try my best to reclaim what was lost though, I end up with less, and so it all continues until I have no storage left. Should probably move my music library onto an external drive for huge wins, but I don’t have very many options left…

Is this what digital hoarding looks like?
~ Fang


  • 13/04/2017 (12:03 PM)

    I’m a terrible digital hoarder. I have photos that are a few years old I know I’ll never look at again, but just don’t want to delete. When I upgraded my computer I ended up downgrading my hard drive (going from 1 terabyte to 500 GB) and so the problem has escalated. I tend to shift things onto my external hard drive when I don’t need them, and let that become bloated instead. It seems to work for me.

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