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19 04 17

Self betterment

It’s a constant struggle, but well worth it.

There’s nothing I find more admirable and more inspirational in a protagonist than the clear realization that they need to better themselves. It’s fine for your main character to be gifted with some insane source of power, some “special move” that allows them to excel at whatever the story revolves around. But if they’re just gonna prance around and flaunt it as if they’re suddenly perfect, then I’ll never like them.

Fun example is Mob, from Mob Psycho 100. The kid’s the most powerful psychic in the universe, but learned that being able to tear things up in the fifth dimension isn’t a quick and easy way to get people to like him. What does he do? He joins the body improvement club, despite not ever needing physical strength or endurance. He’s patching his weaknesses, fixing his flaws, trying to become a more well-rounded person.

Of course, these kinds of processes are always depicted as enormous struggles. And for good reason: they are! You can’t make changes overnight. Determination and dedication to the cause is what helps you forward. Trying to solve it with whatever excellence you already have is kind of against the point.

Good writing, good message, good motivation.
~ Fang

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