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23 04 17

Player of games

It’s been a while.

Somehow I managed to get my hands on an old, unused Xbox 360 controller. No battery pack, no cables, nothing. Luckily you can order aftermarket versions of those things from China for really cheap, and if you’re okay with fiddling for a little bit those actually work too! And what better way to celebrate the new addition to my arsenal than to use it as intended: playing some games.

For the first time in what feels like years I picked up a game I was unfamiliar with. Though my Steam library is nearly 150 strong, I’ve only actually played a third of those titles, and about a fifth of those have more than five hours of playtime to their name. So that’s… disappointing?

It feels good to sit down and finally pick something up though. Hyper Light Drifter has been pretty good so far. I didn’t have the feeling of “damn I have to get through the first part of the game” for very long, its gameplay is tight and its aesthetic beautifully cryptic. Proper review sometime soon, maybe?

Single-player is definitely a change of pace compared to competitive multiplayer games!
~ Fang

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