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This is incredibly silly!

Nobody knows you’re a dog spending his last few years mimicking the behavior of his deceased owner.

We truly don’t know anything about the people we interact with online, it’s astounding. Sure, I trust most of you to be who you are, but I can’t ever know for absolutely certain, right? A little while ago, Harry surprised me by revealing he was him, and that Nasreen (who I had been following and chatting with for a few months) was also him. And apparently there were many other facades before her, each just as much Actually Harry as the next!

Of course, once you’ve video-chatted with someone you can be nearly certain they’re the real deal– or at least, as real as you have seen so far. But you can’t hit every stranger you come into contact with up on Skype, so the larger part of your interactions are built upon a relationship of either not caring who the other person really is, or trusting them to speak the truth.

And that’s actually really fun. It’s not something you can get out in the real world, where interaction almost always involves de-anonimizing yourself. But on here, even though I just realized I blundered into making a very obvious and well-known point, I can hide behind my facade of a dog in a hoodie and pretend this doesn’t reflect on me in any way.

Oh how comfortable the digital age is.
~ Fang


  • 06/04/2017 (3:54 AM)

    I’ve seen your hair. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you were a dog. Though I think you’ve tamed that wild mane lately. I’ve completely given up trying to work out who/what Harry/Nasreen is. I’m just enjoying the ride.

  • 04/04/2017 (5:23 AM)

    I’m going to disqualify myself fromsaying much on this one except that I was going to save my true dog persona for the NEXT blog page I start.

    • 04/04/2017 (10:35 AM)

      [suspicion intensifies]
      Wouldn’t be surprised if you turned out to be a mischievous cat in the end.

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