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Open-cards games are for scrubs.

You can make fairly fun games where all players have access to all information at all time. It works, and it can be good, but in my eyes it’ll never be maximum potential. Especially if you’re dealing with something more complex than, say, chess. Of course, that can be made more interesting by reducing what areas of the board players can see, but then they still both know the game. The real fun comes, I feel, when you start adding information that isn’t immediately apparent.

By hiding information, making the player figure things out for themselves, you’re giving them so much room to learn and evolve their play. They’re never in a position where they feel they’ve “learned the game”, because after they’ve discovered and mastered a new mechanic, they’ll unearth something else.

And when whatever your player is fighting is not 100% clear about all aspects of its existence, that can create very tense situations. What is this thing, can it kill me? Should I keep my distance, or close in? How hard is it to kill, how much damage does it do?

Screw all those tutorials that hold your hand, all those games that explain everything. Show me a real challenge, show me the unknown.
~ Fang


  • 27/04/2017 (1:40 PM)

    If you want a taste of the unknown you should try facing a Deathclaw in Fallout. There’s absolutely no warning about them, nor how deadly they are. They just can’t fucking be killed and are guaranteed to fuck your shit up. Seems like the kind of thing you’re talking about.

    I am with you on games that make things too easy though. Throw something new at me, make me question my knowledge and learn.

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