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07 04 17


It can be really hard to push yourself to just be honest, but it’s totally worth it.

But before we continue, let me make one thing clear. Openly ragging on things or people is not cool. You aren’t going to accomplish much with it anyway. No, I’m talking about speaking your mind in a nice way. And if you have something positive to say, even better!

Too often we bottle things up, which isn’t healthy for ourselves. Too often we’re afraid to say something nice, because we don’t do it often. That’s unhealthy for everyone. If you got something good to say, something cool to contribute, just do it. If you see a problem and want to discuss a solution, yes please!

It’s important to get rid of (or not acquire in the first place) the mental shackles some of us experience.
~ Fang


  • 10/04/2017 (1:10 PM)

    I’m someone who tends to not speak up if I see a solution no one else is. I tend to take the approach of letting other people work things out for themselves. More often than not, people think you’re making fun of them or think they’re dumb when you suggest something they haven’t thought of.

  • 08/04/2017 (4:36 AM)

    I try to stay positive and see the good in things. Sometimes, I probably come across as almost simpleminded that way. Like Sponge Bob.

    But it’s better than assuming the worst in people.

    • 08/04/2017 (12:45 PM)

      I always worry I come off as super naive, or worse, actually am. But then, that still beats being a downer, right?

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