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14 04 17

Growing closer

Dogs are precious and we did that together.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that dogs are great. But it wasn’t always that way! Dogs weren’t so great to us. And we, responding in kind, weren’t so great to them! We fought and killed, because that’s what you do when you’re wild animals. You just mess things up.

And yet, over time, a small group emerged. A small group of humans and dogs who tolerated each other, accepted even. We managed to see value in each other, work together, make each other’s lives easier. Both of us benefited, and thus we continued. The herd of non-cooperators got thinned out, and we ended up with only the friendliest bunch.

But that was mostly on us, wasn’t it? That last bit? We grew into the smarter of the two, the more powerful. We just dominated the relationship, picking and choosing what traits we want to kill off because they’re hindering our survival. Don’t forget: survival translates to comfiness in the modern world. We’re gods, very racist gods with a love for smiting things down that don’t agree with our perfect image. And we still made something as great as dogs.

But hey, that’s just what life is. We’ve become too inventive for the world’s good. Not nearly inventive enough for the universe’s yet though, we’ll have to see how far we can make it.

tl;dr: They lived happily ever after.
~ Fang


  • 17/04/2017 (1:36 PM)

    Hey we might have invented something as great as dogs but we managed to even fuck that up. Look at pugs and chihuahuas. Generations of inbreeding have created dogs that can barely survive but hey, they look cute. Supposedly. Still, man has been able to do some incredible things over time. We are the lords of our domain.

    You’d think we’d be a little nicer to it.

    • 19/04/2017 (11:37 PM)

      The worst and most agonizing bite I’ve ever gotten was from a chihuahua.

      They may be a lot more tame, but dogs are not always so great to us… especially the little shits.

      • 19/04/2017 (11:38 PM)

        It’s largely in upbringing though, and every dog has their own personality. I find it undeniably *racist* when you judge dogs by their breed.
        …That said, large dogs > small dogs. The math checks out.

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