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18 04 17

Global time

It’s a global mess is what.

Timezones are enough of a headache as is. “Instant” time is mostly fine, stored time for display at arbitrary dates in arbitrary locations is harder. And then there’s accounting for daylight savings. Apparently not every country observes daylight savings, or they make the switch on different dates. What you end up with is a mess of misaligned time which you can’t fix with a simple “+3 hours”.

I’ve luckily never had to touch time much, and when I did, I didn’t care for it to be 100% correct as much as I maybe should’ve. (SSR2 is a testament to my laziness.) That has to side effect that I’m actually surprised time-related software generally works as well as it does.

On the one hand, I’m curious what’s keeping us from moving to a more coherent standard of time, better fit for the modern age. The obvious issues of moving to a new world-wide standard aside, what roadblocks do we face? On the other hand, would it even be really worth it? Things are mostly a matter of displaying the right version of the time, and any necessary calculations can and should be standardized and easily accessible.

Maybe it’s not that big a deal. It probably isn’t.
~ Fang


  • 19/04/2017 (11:44 PM)

    I think Daylight Savings is firm proof that we are terrible at self-managing our own time. What was useful to us 50 years ago does very little to help us now that we don’t rely on daylight the way we once used to.

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