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06 04 17


From one moment to the next, it comes and it goes.

Too often I find myself getting lots in things. Not one thing in particular, but rather a bunch of things at the same time. All distractions, constantly pulling me away from each other. Quickly enough, you forget where you started. And forget being able to remember that one good idea you had for the one task, you’ve forgotten both!

It’s not actually as big of a problem as I make it seem, but it can certainly feel like it sometimes. Especially when you fall back into place after roaming around. “Ah yeah I was doing this. But this interrupted me from that other thing. Ah wait, this was what I was working on!”

Getting notifications for all new emails and messages all the time definitely isn’t helping this. I like to imagine I’m still managing to avoid living a too “wired-in” life, but things like this hint that I may be lying to myself. At least a little bit.

But hey, at least tomorrow’s friday already! Boy did the week fly by.
~ Fang


  • 07/04/2017 (1:31 PM)

    I’ve just trained myself to ignore my phone. It can be a little bad at times. Maybe you should just turn some notifications off and schedule a time to check your emails and stuff like that.

    • 07/04/2017 (11:49 PM)

      That’s the problem though, email is actually an important communication tool for work. ..The phone I can do without though, so maybe I should just stop making excuses.

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