Fang Talks

08 04 17


The simple pleasures of watching a protagonist struggle, grow and succeed.

It’s great when a story makes you think. When it crushes all beliefs you held, leaving you to rebuild everything from dust. And it’s important we dive into that from time to time. But now always. Because sometimes, you just want to comfortably bury yourself in a cool world and watch its characters do cool things, take up challenges and emerge successful against all odds.

Maybe it’s taking a break from the bleakness of the world. Maybe its a way to attach that heroic feeling to yourself, to pretend for just a little bit that you’re as special as the protagonist, and that your struggles serve the highest purpose: the moral of the story.

Maybe it’s also just fun, immersing yourself in a fictional experience without taking on too much baggage. No commitment, nothing to mess you up. Nothing that will later tap you on your shoulder and ask you to sit down for a moment of evaluation.

And yet, here I am, evaluating.
~ Fang

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