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It’s true, appearances of any kind of timeliness on this blog are just smoke and mirrors.

I started this blog off with posts written and published around the afternoon local time. I managed to keep it fairly consistent for some time, but eventually it shifted towards the early evening. No biggie, that’s still what I’d call “on time” for the day it was posted on. Slowly but surely though, publishing times creeped their way up to midnight. Sometimes I’d write and publish after midnight. To keep up appearances, I had to publish them in the past.

But appearances aren’t really worth much. Publishing so late in the day means a larger amount of people is already in bed on the time the post actually goes online. For those people, it’s no longer the previous day’s post, precisely because it wasn’t published during the previous day. (Not to mention the “I’m late to the party ):” feeling it may give readers!)

So I’m lagging behind, quite awfully actually. Surely I can do better than such a sub-optimal performance? Well, if I just wrote two posts during one day, then that’d allow me to turn my backlog into a single-post buffer. …But my recent median is an hour or two after midnight, always squeezing it in right before bed. No room for expansion. Or am I just making excuses?

Fuck, I should just graph this kind of data out, shouldn’t it? I’ll give it a shot soon.
~ Fang


  • 28/04/2017 (1:27 PM)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think you need a hobby. A man who is willing to put that much effort into considering when and how he posts needs a hobby.

    • 28/04/2017 (10:05 PM)

      I game, watch series, do programming things, and write blog posts. How many more hobbies do I need?
      (Not to mention the compulsive need to stay on track with this “one post a day” thing. 2289 posts strong, can’t break that streak!)

      • 01/05/2017 (6:56 PM)

        Having barely just reached 500 total posts, I’m exhausted by that number and now must go take a nap. Wake me up when you post again.

        • 02/05/2017 (12:17 AM)

          Dude wake up it’s almost time.

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