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Very bad ass.

It’s the current year and we still haven’t made them enjoyable.

Computers are great fun, you can use them for lots of things. But once the seams start tearing you can suddenly see all the gnarly junk inside. It starts spilling out and before you know it you’ve drowned in it. Maybe we’ve just been focussing on immediate progress too forcefully. Maybe all we need to do is just sit down for a while to make something good.

Will that actually fix anything though? Technicalities we can easily optimize, subjectivities not so much. Truly consistent user experiences might remain a myth, and interfaces can only get so good. What if struggling with complex machines is only natural, because we can’t bridge the gap of differently-wired brains with interactions that are simple enough not to crumble?

Urbit may create an environment where the UI works for the user exclusively, a world where the friendliest and most helpful UI wins out, but how far will that push things?
~ Fang


  • 24/04/2017 (1:08 PM)

    There really are a lot of problems with computers that just make you think we should have solved them by now. Who knows though, perhaps it’s just deliberate obsoletism at work? Maybe we can fix them, but we don’t to make more money.

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