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Stupid boy!
09 04 17


I was invited to join a few friends in their swimming pool trip today, and a tiny hangover can’t keep me from going!

It’s been way too long since I last visited, well, any body of water really. It was great fun, we had a blast, but also: chloride. Of course you’ll be getting some water in your eyes and up your nose, that’s sort of okay. But the entire air itself seemed to be filled with the fumes of it. Perfectly breathable, and I don’t think there’s any adverse effect unless the dosage is way higher, but it’s still not fresh air.

Shouldn’t it be possible to filter it out of the air somehow, or even make sure it doesn’t evaporate out of the water in the first place? My knowledge of chemistry is pretty limited, and considering it isn’t being done yet I can tell I’m asking something very difficult here. Still, it’d be great to not feel like you’re breathing shitty air while at the pool.

That post-swim shower that washes it all off though, lovely.
~ Fang

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