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12 04 17


Yes, feed the movement.

A colleague and great friend of mine finished (a very minimal) Twitter clone on Urbit today! Despite all the disclaimers I have to hand out when saying that, like how you still need to run an Urbit yourself and its setup not being one-click easy, this is amazing news! In surprisingly few lines of code he managed to build a very bare-bones microblogging service on top of our existing infrastructure. And even better, it’s all front-end development!

For comparison, implementing something like this in a traditional “server in the cloud” environment would take significantly more resources and is definitely not a task a rookie programmer can do by themselves over the weekend. On top of removing all the burdens that come with providing an online service (rather than software users host themselves), it provides a versatile framework that you can easily hook your own programs up to. It’s built as generically as possible, so if you’re building an application that resolves around some kind of messaging, we got you covered!

If this doesn’t send developers flocking, I don’t know what will.
~ Fang

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