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Truly ours is the dankest timeline.

When enthusiasm ends up sinking the ship.

It’s the weirdest thing. Having a group of people really look forward to something can actually be detrimental to its reception. In the minds of the expecting, the release is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. As perfect as they imagine it can be, or better. Yet often, it’s difficult to live up to those expectations. Especially when they’re not solidly grounded in reality.

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29 04 17

Tourists’ city

When over fifty percent of the city population is foreign visitors, whose city is it anyway?

There’s something weird about running into more people who don’t speak Dutch at all than who actually do. But Amsterdam being what it is, maybe that’s to be expected. “The big city” and all that. It makes it have that foreign country vibe for me though.

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This game made me glad to be playing games again.

For a first release by Heart Machine, it is a very good one. Hyper Light Drifter checks all the boxes. Intriguing aesthetics, gripping thematic, appropriately intense soundtrack, and most importantly, super tight controls. Not to mention the huge amount of time you can sink into this if you’re a completionist, with tons of collectibles and difficult opt-in challenges.

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It’s true, appearances of any kind of timeliness on this blog are just smoke and mirrors.

I started this blog off with posts written and published around the afternoon local time. I managed to keep it fairly consistent for some time, but eventually it shifted towards the early evening. No biggie, that’s still what I’d call “on time” for the day it was posted on. Slowly but surely though, publishing times creeped their way up to midnight. Sometimes I’d write and publish after midnight. To keep up appearances, I had to publish them in the past.

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In the digital age, it’s no longer your word against theirs. No take backsies.

A weird time to live in, for sure. I really want to say it may help keep us honest, and maybe it does, but it also means there’s higher potential for damage. If I let you into my secret club, I do so trusting you to abide by “what gets said in the club stays in the club”. No point in organizing in secret if someone’s just going to leak it all out anyway, right? But if it does get out, it’s permanently out. I can’t reclaim it, for an unknown amount of copies already exists.

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