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28 03 17

The modern Bard

Because what are songs for if not storytelling?

Sure, most songs in modern culture will feature some theme or message, or describe a series of events, but not many describe lore of a larger fictional world, or tell the tales of its happenings. And that’s a shame, because music can be a really good storytelling medium!

Pentakill does this pretty well in their songs, covering small parts of their world’s lore in each song. Coheed and Cambria take this many steps further and tells an entire science-fiction saga over the span of multiple albums.

A nice in between might be best for broader audiences, telling a short story with each song. I’d love to do writing for that, could definitely become a fun project.
~ Fang


  • 31/03/2017 (2:06 AM)

    Don’t forget my pop star. She’s doing a wonderful job of exploring socioeconomic changes in urban America through the eyes of a girl who must fight against the pulls of postmodern consumerism.

    Or… uh, something like that. :)

  • 29/03/2017 (2:06 AM)

    I am a concept album nerd.

    More of a song cycle nerd these days, but still. I own a lot of copncept albums. It’s tough to do it well because songs written to fill a whole in the story often come across as awkward.

    But I still LOVE concept albums and rock operas.

    I don’t know these bands. I’ll have to check out your links. Multiple album storytelling!

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