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08 03 17

Stuck in the mud

You’ll see this everywhere.

It’s very easy to stick with what you know. It’s also very easy to do this subconsciously. The brain has a grip on an idea, and it will prefer verifying over replacing it. And over time, through verification, that grip tightens. Before you know it, you’re so deep in you’re stuck in the mud, completely incapable of motion.

And of course, when you’re unable to move, any kind of change will hit you extra hard. You’re not as flexible as you’d be if you were free from the mud. Any attempts at change will be experienced as extremely harsh measures, you just can’t take it.

People have the hardest time dropping all their baggage, everything they’ve learned so far, and accept new information for what it is. It’s just how we work, it’s supposedly efficient. At least the brain seems to think so. But in the world outside of our heads, efficient isn’t always best.

Yet, most of us can only try and not sink deeper.
~ Fang

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