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Is that a joke about my length?

My body’s unsure whether to rise anew or collapse completely.

My knees still haven’t gone back to a state in which there’s nothing to report on. Which is weird because about a month ago I was happily walking increasingly longer distances again. Sure, eight kilometers may not be that much, but I walked it without any pain or continuous discomfort. Not long after though, three kilometers sent me limping home.

It’s been getting better again after that, but I still can’t walk what I used to. And it heavily fluctuates too. Sometimes I can run a fair distance to catch my bus, sometimes just standing still for a bit brings forth the pain. Even though the exercises I’ve been given are going well everything still feels very unstable. I just don’t know what I can expect anymore, which makes me really cautious and takes all the fun out of going for walks.

But not going for walks also isn’t doing me any favors. RSI is gently making its return, who knows what shape that’ll take if I don’t act now.
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2017 (1:15 PM)

    You recognised the warning signs, which is a good start. Now you’re in the right position to do something about them. Prevention is always better than the cure, especially with things that can’t easily be cured such as RSI.

  • 10/03/2017 (4:03 AM)

    I hope things get better. I’ve heard knee problems are really frustrating.

    I hate it when my body gets away from me. I go from wanting to ignore problems completely straight to believing that I’m going to be bedbound the rest of my life.

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