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21 03 17

Running start

We’re on the right track already.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up feeling like I accomplished more in this first week of work at the new job, than in the month and a half I worked at my old one. Yesterday and today were spent doing documentation work to study a part of the system, but that sets me up to start doing some big work starting tomorrow. Well, mostly just moving pieces around at first, but even that’s not exactly trivial.

Proud to say I’m going to do lots of work on and claim ownership of a fairly integral part of the system. It may be fairly high up in their stack, but will still be used by many future applications. And I can say that’s mine, that I helped write and rewrite that into being!

That’s a pretty big responsibility, but one I feel I can carry confidently. I’ve always had a soft-spot for what is currently Urbit’s only wide-use application, getting to help shape it into maturity is an amazing opportunity!

Let’s see how many unexpected challenges I will face…
~ Fang

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