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03 03 17

Quest complete

At long last, I have claimed a new Grand Artifact!

There was an official ceremony for handing out the degrees of all IT graduates last week. People held speeches, accepted flowers and signed papers. But I wasn’t there. Honestly, the last thing I wanted was to prepare yet even more presentation slides and do even more presenting. So I just didn’t attend, which was perfectly fine, and picked up my degree today.

I’ve been working for a month already without even having my degree in hand. But hey, I already got more or less onboarded during the internship, they know I have the chops. Still a bit weird to only now have my studies officially behind me though. But hey, we made it either way!

And I’m hype for what the future holds. It’s gonna be wild, more on that soon.
~ Fang


  • 06/03/2017 (2:18 PM)

    Major congratulations on getting your degree and unlocking one of the grandest artefacts in the Game of Life. It must feel weird to be done with school. Maybe the learning bug will bite you in time and you’ll be back learning stuff before you know it.

    Then again, we never stop learning really.

  • 04/03/2017 (2:11 AM)


    I never really wanted to take part in any of those rites of passage, either. Now I sort of wish I’d been more enthusiastic, but if I had it to do again, I’d probably handle it like I did the first time.

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